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Hoyt Farms is located in De Queen, Arkansas, in the Southwest corner of the state.  We are about an hour's drive from Texarkana, AR, 45 minutes from Idabel, OK, or 1 hour from New Boston, TX.  On our farm, we raise ADGA registered Saanen, Nubian, and Experimental dairy goats.  Although we only make a few shows a year, we strive to raise healthy, friendly dairy goats that milk heavily but can also do well in the show ring. 

 WE KNOW LONGER HAVE ANY PYGMY GOATS.  It was time to downsize and I enjoy the dairy goats more. 

We test regularly for CAE and maintain a CAE-free herd.  Our last test was done by BioPryn on January 7, 2017 with all dairy does on the farm testing negative.   After two initial tests, the bucks are only tested if they are exposed to any outside animals.  Although we have not tested for CL or Johnnes, we have never had any indication of these problems in any goat on the farm.  If a buyer is willing to pay for testing, we will gladly test any animal for any disease if requested.  Testing will need to be paid for in advance by the buyer along with a deposit for the animal.  If any problems are discovered, this money would be refunded.   We have been members of the Voluntary Scrapie Eradication program in Arkansas since it's beginning and have scrapie tags avaliable, if needed.

In Janaury of 2009, we tested our purebred Nubians for G6S, a genetic disorder in some Nubian lines.   We were happy to discover that both our Nubian bucks were normal and not carriers of G6S as were the does we tested.  All our purebreds have either tested normal or are normal because both parents are normal.  In 2010, we tested our older Experimental does of Nubian ancestry.  We were happy to find all were also normal so all Nubian goats here in 2010 and all kids to come from those animals will be G6S normal.  In 2012 and the years following, all Nubians and Experimentals are G6S normal as all are either descended from G6S normal parents or have been tested by us or the herd from which they were purchased.

We do leave our kids with their dams for we feel they just grow better and are healthier.  We handle them daily so most are friendly and used to people.  If prior arrangements are made, we can remove a kid from its dam at birth and raise it on pasteurized milk, but it must go to its new home within a few days.  All kids are disbudded at an early age but at times scurs will appear.  We will only leave horns on a kid if it is paid for in full within a week of birth as kids need to be disbudded early and most people do not want horns on dairy animals. 
 Our kids are treated with coccidia preventative and all of our goats are given routine CdT vaccinations, BoSe and copper supplements, are dewormed and have their hooves trimmed at regular intervals as needed.  We strongly support the 4-H and FFA youth programs and feel they were fantastic for our children and are great for others. 

Thank you for visiting our website and please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!



In 2010, Hoyt Farms was once again the Premier Saanen Breeder at the Arkansas State Fair and had the Reserve Champion Junior and Senior Saanen does.  We also had the Grand Champion Junior Nubian doe and the Reserve Champion Senior Nubian doe!  We are really proud of how our girls did for us. 

In 2012, we were the Premier Saanen Breeder and Exhibitor with both Grand and Reserve Senior Champion and Reserve Junior Champion.

In 2013, we were once again the Premier Saanen Breeder and Exhibitor with both Grand and Reserve Junior Champions and Best Three Juniors.  We only took one yearling Saanen milker and she won her class, along with Best Udder.  We also had the Reserve Champion Senior and Junior Nubians and 3rd place Best Three Junior Does with some strong competition! 
In 2014, we were Premier Saanen Breeder and Exhibitor showing the Grand Champion Junior, Hoyt Farms Easy To Be, and the Reserve Champion Senior and Best Udder, Hoyt Farms Calliope.  We also had the Grand Champion Senior Nubian and Best Udder, TLC-Farms April Showers. 
In 2015, at the Arkansas Goat Producers Spring Quad show we were so proud to have our doe, TLC-Farms April Showers, finish her championship and go Best Doe In Show in two of the four rings!  Hoyt Farms Exceptional went Grand in all four Saanen rings.

HOYT FARMS INCENTIVES!! Because we want to encourage people to show and milk our goats, we will give $25 back to any Hoyt Farms animal that obtains official ADGA star milker or championship status. Just send us a copy of the official ADGA notification and tell us where to send your check. So get those animals out and about!

Daisy, our guardian pup in 2014

Maggie, Harry and Dora - our guardians in 2012

Hoyt Farms
891 Chapel Hill Road
De Queen, AR  71832-9009
GPS:  N 34° 01' 25.6"  /  W 94° 25' 01.7"
(N34.0238 / W94.4171)

CONTACT US AT:  hoytfarms@earthlink.net
phone 870-642-6284.