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Two-Ceders Frank July 2017

       SS: Tradewinds P RL Polo *B 
  SIRE: Hedge Haven Elliot
     SD: The Hedge Haven's Zilla
TWO-CEDERS FRANK S1726475  (DOB 4-14-20150
     DS: The Nida's Cisco Kid 
  DAM: Two-Ceders Dede
     DD: CH Lady-K LKX Yummy-Kisses 
In 2015, we realized that Moonshine was almost 9 years old and was really starting to age so we began to look for another purebred buck.  Jamie Burkes Two-Ceders animals have always done great things for us so I gave him a call.  Jamie sent Frank to AR for us, finding him a ride with some neighbors who were in MO for a show.  Jamie warned me that Frank hadn't been handled much and he is pretty leery of people.  He also has some amazing scurs but he is a really well made kid and I think he will be a great addition for us.  Frank is pictured above as a 2 year old weighing in at 250#.  While not a really tall buck, he is very level on the move and produced some lovely daughters for us. We have retained several but won't see any udders until 2018.  One of his daughters, Hoyt Farms Exceptional Joy, won her dry leg in May of 2017 despite being dam raised and not ever having had a collar on!  And Hoyt Farms Jewel, another Frank daughter, won her dry leg at the 2018, AR State Fair.  Frank also sired the best three junior Saanen does and has the 1st place get-of-sire.  Since we cut our Saanen herd back quite a bit, Frank moved on to a new home.  We had planned to keep all of his 2018 doe kids but only ended up with one and she broke her leg!  Kind of wish we had Frank back again.

Flurry July 2017

Flurry - 2018

       SS: Patteran WBRL My Yeoman 
  SIRE: Patteran Yeoman My Chancellor
     SD: Patteran Zytico Annee
HOYT FARMS FLURRY S1742999 (DOB 2-5-2015)
     DS: JLT Ranch Moonshine 
  DAM: Hoyt Farms Astoria
     DD: Hoyt Farms Kizzy 1*M  
Snow flurries were coming down the night this kid was born.  We don't usually keep buck kids but this one was just so nice - long, tall and level.  And he keeps getting better. Plus both his parents had been sold so he was the last of those genetics.  We are so glad we kept him. Pictured above as a 2 year old weighing 235#s, Flurry is a tall buck who is beginning to fill out.  He is a gentle giant and an easy boy to be around.  At age 3, Flurry is far off the weigh tape and over 300#s.

Only His K Dorian - July 2018

       CH The The Hedge Haven's Bluster

    Two-Ceders Jack 

        Ch Lady-K LXX Yummy-Kisses 

ONLY HIS K DORIAN  S1943839  DOB 03/01/2018

        Rocky-Run GCD Sherman

    Rio Devaca RRS Honey Suckle

        Rocky-Run 4R Honey Bee


We are excited about our new purebred junior herd sire.  I have long admired the Rocky-Run herd and am so pleased to finally have some of their genetics to use in our herd.  And Jamie Burk's Two-Ceders herd is all through out our Saanens and have always worked so well for us.  Thanks to Nancy Thomas for breeding this young buck and trusting him with us.  We are so pleased at the way he is growing.






Dandy - October 2013

1st place yearling milker, 3rd place Best Udder

         Patteran WBRL My Yeoman
    Patteran Yeoman My Chancellor
         Patteran Zytico Annee
HOYT FARMS DANDY GIRL S1628304  (DOB 2-11-2013)
Two -Ceders D-W Patterson *B
    Hoyt Farms Zella Faye
          Hoyt Farms Amanda Willey 2*M

Dandy's dam is named for our neighbor.  When I told Zella that her namesake goat had kidded, she said "well, that kid must be a dandy" and there was the perfect name!  And she is a Dandy.  Big, long, level with nice width throughout and a lovely head, Dandy Girl was the Grand Champion Junior Saanen at the 2013 AR State Fair. 
As a first freshening yearling, Dandy is still a dandy.  Her udder has much better attachment than her dam's udder and, although her teats are not large, they are quite easy to milk.  She is a good mother and raised a lovely doe kid.  Update:  Dandy was 1st place yearling milker at the 2014 AR State Fair and 3rd place in Best Udder.   2017 - Dandy's doe sired by Frank, was Grand Champion Junior Saanen at the AR State Fair, earning her dry leg.  This breeding was repeated for 2018 kids.

Eesabella and Dandy 2016
2017 udder

         Two-Ceders Vance *B
    JLT Ranch Moonshine
        GCH Two-Ceders Taylor 7*M
Hoyt Farms Eesabella  AS1700890P  2-26-2014 
        Tivio Farm Zeus
Hoyt Farms Bella
        Hoyt Farms Yepa
Eesabella is a silly kid.  She gets into everything and then says "who me?  Not me!"  We love it that she is polled.  Eesabella's full sister but a year older was the Grand Champion Senior Saanen in both the youth and open shows at the 2015 Arkansas State Fair.  "Bella" has made a lovely yearling milker with a nicely attached, easy to milk udder.  Plans had been to take her to the fair but she came in the day before with an eye swollen shut.  It healed nicely and quickly but we didn't take her to the fair. Picture above on the left in 2016.  Also shown is her 2017 year old udder with a terrible clip job!  Bella is an American Saanen.

Our Young Ladies born in 2017


                Hedge Haven Elliot

     Two-Ceders Frank 

                Two-Ceders Dede


                 Patteran Yeoman My Chancellor

     Hoyt Farms Exceptional

                 Hoyt Farms Astoria 

This is Exceptional's daughter and we expect great things from her!  Shown once as a young kid, she managed to win her dry leg, despite being dam raised and never having had a collar on.  A great friend showed her for us and said she was "not a Joy in the ring"! Pictured in May of 2017 and later in the fall of 2017, she is long, wide and tall.  Her dam, Exceptional, can be seen on the "Reference Animal" page. 



 HOYT FARMS JEWEL  S1888100  2/8/2017 

Sire:  Two-Ceders Frank   Dam:  Hoyt Farms Dandy Girl  

Another really nice Frank daughter, Jewel earned her dry leg at the 2017 Arkansas State Fair.  We can't wait for her to freshen in 2018!.



HOYT FARMS JINX  S1888099 3/27/2017 

Sire:  Two-Ceders Frank  Dam: Hoyt Farms Eureka 

Jinx won her class the only time shown and is a nice, long bodied, level kid.  We decided not to breed her for 2018 kids as I wanted a dry yearling to show.  She does drive the bucks crazy and weighs over 100#s in January of 2018.  I may have made a mistake not breeding her!



HOYT FARMS JEZEBELLA  AS1888098P 2/2/2017  

Sire:  Hoyt Farms Flurry    Dam: Hoyt Farms Eesabella  

Not sure why I came up with the name "Jezabella" and I surely can't spell it, but I really like this kid.  We wanted to keep a daughter from Flurry and this polled girl was the one.  She has not been shown as we would have had 3 in one class and decided to take Frank daughters for get-of-sire, but she is a nicely made girl.  Jeze is an American Saanen and is bred to Frank for 2018 kids.

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