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Two-Ceders Frank 2015

       SS: Tradewinds P RL Polo *B 
  SIRE: Hedge Haven Elliot
     SD: The Hedge Haven's Zilla
TWO-CEDERS FRANK S1726475  (DOB 4-14-20150
     DS: The Nida's Cisco Kid 
  DAM: Two-Ceders Dede
     DD: CH Lady-K LKX Yummy-Kisses 
In 2015, we realized that Moonshine was almost 9 years old and was really starting to age so we began to look for another purebred buck.  Jamie Burkes Two-Ceders animals have always done great things for us so I gave him a call.  Jamie sent Frank to AR for us, finding him a ride with some neighbors who were in MO for a show.  Jamie warned me that Frank hadn't been handled much and he is pretty leery of people.  He also has some amazing scurs but he is a really well made kid and I think he will be a great addition for us. 

Flurry 2016

       SS: Patteran WBRL My Yeoman 
  SIRE: Patteran Yeoman My Chancellor
     SD: Patteran Zytico Annee
HOYT FARMS FLURRY S1742999 (DOB 2-5-2015)
     DS: JLT Ranch Moonshine 
  DAM: Hoyt Farms Astoria
     DD: Hoyt Farms Kizzy 1*M  
Snow flurries were coming down the night this kid was born.  We don't usually keep buck kids but this one was just so nice - long, tall and level.  And he keeps getting better. Plus both his parents had been sold so he was the last of those genetics.  We are so glad we kept him.  His first daughter is pictured below at 3 months old and we like what we see!



Dandy - October 2013

1st place yearling milker, 3rd place Best Udder

         Patteran WBRL My Yeoman
    Patteran Yeoman My Chancellor
         Patteran Zytico Annee
HOYT FARMS DANDY GIRL S1628304  (DOB 2-11-2013)
Two -Ceders D-W Patterson *B
    Hoyt Farms Zella Faye
          Hoyt Farms Amanda Willey 2*M

Dandy's dam is named for our neighbor.  When I told Zella that her namesake goat had kidded, she said "well, that kid must be a dandy" and there was the perfect name!  And she is a Dandy.  Big, long, level with nice width throughout and a lovely head, Dandy Girl was the Grand Champion Junior Saanen at the 2013 AR State Fair. 
As a first freshening yearling, Dandy is still a dandy.  Her udder has much better attachment than her dam's udder and, although her teats are not large, they are quite easy to milk.  She is a good mother and raised a lovely doe kid.  Update:  Dandy was 1st place yearling milker at the 2014 AR State Fair and 3rd place in Best Udder. 

Dazzle's yearling udder

Dazzle as a milking yearling
Dazzle in Sept of 2016

         Patteran WBRL My Yeoman
    Patteran Yeoman My Chancellor
         Patteran Zytico Annee
HOYT FARMS DAZZLE   S1653122  (DOB 4-9-2013)
        JLT Ranch Moonshine
    Hoyt Farms Chute 'Em Lizbeth
        Hoyt Farms YMY Foolish

Dazzle was Reserve Champion Junior Saanen at the AR State Fair standing behind her older, half sister, Dandy. 

As a first freshening yearling, Dazzle is not a tall girl.  But what an udder and what a kid she raised!  We sold her April born daughter in August.  At that time, Dazzle weighed in at 110#s and her kid weighed 102#s and had a barn name of "The Hulk".  She was almost as tall as her dam and much thicker.  Dazzle is easily giving a gallon a day with the Hulk gone and has a lovely shape to her udder.  Both Dandy and Dazzle squat and let their milk down whenever you reach under them.  So nice! 
Update:  Dazzle was leased out as a two year old and has returned home in Sept of 2016 after earning her milk star.  The last picture was taken October 2016 and she has really gotten tall and filled out! 



         Patteran WBRL Yeoman 
     Patteran Yeoman MY Chancellor
        Patteran Zytico Annee 
Hoyt Farm Easy To Be  S1700891  2-23-2014 
        Cerulean Sampson *B 
    Hoyt Farms YMY Foolish 1*M 
           Two-Ceders Whimper  
The first time I did much with the 2014 kids, I put a collar on this one and she just led like she knew exactly what to do.  I said " you sure are easy" and there was her name.  She was the Grand Champion Junior Saanen at the 2014 AR State Fair and one of our 1st place Best Three Junior Doe entries.   In 2014, Zeus escaped and bred Easy.  Since he had fertility problems the year before, we were not concerned.  Well, Easy kidded with twins at barely a year old.   By three months of age, her buckling was taller than she was.  She milked very well.  In fact, we would have liked her to slack off a bit and grow more.  So, we did dry her off at the end of summer - not an easy task.   But this gave her time to grow and now she is a lovely girl. 

Exceptional 3 year old udder
Exceptional as a yearling

















         Patteran WBRL My Yeoman
    Patteran Yeoman My Chancellor
        Pattran Zytico Anee 
Hoyt Farms Exceptional  S1700952  2-20-2014 
        JLT Ranch Moonshine
    Hoyt Farms Astoria
        Hoyt Farms Kizzy 1*M
Exceptional is just that.  She was a gorgeous kid, very tall and very open.  Although she placed 3rd the only time shown as a kid, she was at a gawky point, typical of some of our really tall kids.  I think she will be gorgeous when she gets it all together.  As a yearling milker, Exceptional was Grand Champion in all four rings of a quad show.  We wish she had had more competition as she is a super nice doe.  As a three year old, Exceptional is a large girl with so much milk.  Her udder is somewhat uneven from nursing 1 kid and I hope we can even it out next year and get her back in the show ring. 



         Two-Ceders Vance *B
    JLT Ranch Moonshine
        GCH Two-Ceders Taylor 7*M
Hoyt Farms Eesabella  AS1700890P  2-26-2014 
        Tivio Farm Zeus
Hoyt Farms Bella
        Hoyt Farms Yepa
Eesabella is a silly kid.  She gets into everything and then says "who me?  Not me!"  We love it that she is polled.  Eesabella's full sister but a year older was the Grand Champion Senior Saanen in both the youth and open shows at the 2015 Arkansas State Fair.  "Bella" has made a lovely yearling milker with a nicely attached, easy to milk udder.  Plans had been to take her to the fair but she came in the day before with an eye swollen shut.  It healed nicely and quickly but we didn't take her to the fair. Picture above as a three year old, almost dry and belly deep in grass!  Also shown is her 3 year old udder.


           Two-Ceders Vance *B 

     JLT Ranch Moonshine 

          GCH Two-Ceders Taylor 7*M 

Hoyt Farms Eureka S1700892 (4-13-2014) 

          Patteran Yeoman MY Chancellor 

     Hoyt Farms Dandy Girl 

         Hoyt Farms Zella Faye 


Eureka is a big girl, weighing 180#s as a first freshening two year old, raising twins.  She has a nice, socked on udder that is easy to milk. She is pictured here with her 3 month old doeling.





Pictured left to right:  Foxy, Fiddlesticks, and Faith in October 2016.

      SS: Patteran WBRL My Yeoman 
  SIRE: Patteran Yeoman My Chancellor
     SD: Patteran Zytico Annee
HOYT FARMS FAITH S1738740  (DOB 3-1-2015)
     DS: JLT Ranch Moonshine
  DAM: Hoyt Farms Chute 'Em Lizbeth
     DD: Hoyt Farms YMY Foolish 1*M 
Faith is a big, strong girl with a lovely disposition.  She won her class the only time shown.  We need to get a picture of her!

Foxy yearling udder

Foxy May 2016

      SS: Patteran WBRL My Yeoman 
  SIRE: Patteran Yeoman My Chancellor
     SD: Patteran Zytico Annee
HOYT FARMS FOXY S1738739  (DOB 4-12-2015)
     DS: JLT Ranch Moonshine
  DAM: Hoyt Farms Eesabella
     DD: Hoyt Farms Bella 
Foxy was a wild child but she has since settled down.  She won her class the only time shown as kid and then won her junior leg in early May of 2016.  She kidded in mid-June with a single buck kid and has a nice udder.  Wish we had made her picture at the show while she was still clean and clipped!

Fiddlesticks yearling udder
Fiddlesticks 2016

         Two-Ceders Vance *B
    JLT Ranch Moonshine
        GCH Two-Ceders Taylor 7*M
Hoyt Farms Fiddlesticks AS1738745  3-30-2015 
        Tivio Farm Zeus
Hoyt Farms Calliope
        Hoyt Farms Sarahs T Venus 
I wasn't going to keep any more American Saanens but I just had to keep Fiddlesticks.  I really regretted selling her dam, Calliope, who was such an awesome lady.  But she went to a great home with a young girl who loves her dearly.  Hopefully, Fiddlesticks can follow in her mother's footsteps.  She is really the prankster in the barn and is always in trouble.  She is pictured here as a kid and as a yearling milker.  She kidded in July of 2016 with a single buck and is easy on the milk stand although she won't get off without a cracker.  Her yearling udder is easy to milk and she has about 8 hours milk in it in the udder picture. 


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