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Our Pygmy Bucks 

Hoyt Farms Slade 15507M (1-08-00)
Slade was one of our first pygmy kids. He has a wonderful personality and is very smart.

Pictured 2007 - yearling

Our Pygmy Does

Black Orchid Windy 40968F (7-16-98)
Windy is quite friendly and loves to travel. She was Grand Champion every time shown in 4-H shows.

Hoyt Farms Lucky 41272F (1-08-00)
Lucky is our smallest doe but she takes after her mom and kids easily. She enjoys visitors.

Dalton's Barnyard Dana's Gift (6-03-05)
pictured at 6 months old


Lucy and Lucky with kids

         SS:  PGCH Woodhaven Farms Ishmael
     Sire:  Hebron Farm Joshua
         SD:  Little Creek Sara Lizzy
Hoyt Farms Slade 15507M (1-08-00)
         DS:  PGCH Pygmy Plantation Bo Didley
     Dam:  Melojacs Obsession
         DD:  Alameda Farm Penelope Peanut
Slade is just special.  He is smart and funny, and so well-behaved.  His kids are almost always very friendly, inheriting their sire's kind temperament.  We lost Slade and this has kind of taken the heart out of our pygmy operation.  He was special!

          SS:  Carl's Compact Frank
     Sire:  Hoyt Farms Meanerthanheck
          SD:  Hoyt Farms Lucky
HOYT FARMS XAVIER 23040M (9-13-06)
          DS:  Dean's Funny Farm Oreo
     Dam:  Dalton's Barnyard Dana's Gift
          DD:  Dean's Funny Farm Hershey
We were very pleased with the buck, Meanerthanheck, except he was just too ornery.  He had some nice kids and we kept this one to replace him.  Xavier has a great personality and is friendly.  His kids are carrying on these traits.  He is a light caramel although just a bit darker than his dam.  He has some underlying white skin on his side but doesn't show a bellyband.  NPGA only.

         SS:  Glenmar Pygmy's Stetson
     Sire:  Hickory Ridge Black Onyx
         SD:  Split Creek Ranch Shamrock
Black Orchid Windy 40968F (7-16-98)
         DS:  PGCH Bouchet Creek Mighty Max
     Dam:  Kingfish Ranch Little Doll
         DD:  Ram Too Twisted Sister
Windy knows she is the queen of the pygmies!  She has always done well in the show ring and now likes to show off on visits to the nursing homes and petting zoos.  She has never met a stranger and knows everyone has a cracker for her.  She is a fantastic mother who kids easily.  She is retired now.  Sadly, we lost Windy in May of 2012 at almost 14.  She had a long, happy life and will be so missed.

          SS:  PGCH Woodhaven Farms Ishmael
     Sire:  Hebron Farms Joshua
          SD:  Little Creek Sara Lizzy
Hoyt Farms Lucky 41272F (1-08-00)
          DS:  PGCH Pygmy Plantation Bo Didley
     Dam:  Melojac's Obsession
          DD:  Alameda Farm Penelope's Peanut
Lucky is Slade's full sister.  She is our smallest pygmy doe but is an easy kidder who has never needed any help.  She does not care for strangers and alerts the herd if anyone new is near.  Lucky is also retired.  Lucky passed away in the fall of 2013.  She will be greatly missed.

          SS: Hebron Farms Leviticus
     Sire: Dean's Funny Farm Oreo
          SD: Dean's Funny Farm Lady Godiva
          DS: Dean's Funny Farm Radar
     Dam: Dean's Funny Farm Hershey
          DD: Dean's Funny Farm Lucky Draw
Dana was a gift from a friend whose herd was attacked by dogs.  Dana was the only survivor - having crawled under a doghouse and hidden there.  She is very scared of people and, of course, dogs.  She is only NPGA registered  and not AGS papered.  She is an easy kidder and a good mother.   FOR SALE

          SS:  Hebron Farm Joshua
     Sire:  Hoyt Farms Slade
          SD:  Melojac's Obsession
          DS:  Hickory Ridge Black Onyx
     Dam:  Black Orchid Windy
         DD:  Kingfish Ranch Little Doll
            SS: Hickory Ridge Mini Max
Gray Belle is a Windy daughter and still sleeps with her mother.  Both Windy and Gray Belle sleep side by side often with their kids on top of their backs!  NPGA registered only.  We lost Gray Belle in 2014.  She had a large single kid and could not deliver it. 

     Sire:  Carl's Compact's Frank
          SD:  Hebron Farm Joshua
HOYT FARMS LUCY  (11-6-05)
         DS: Hebron Farm Joshua
     Dam:  Hoyt Farms Lucky
         DD: Melojac's Obsession
Lucy has a bit of a wild streak in her.  We penned her with Dana to help settle Dana down, but that backfired on us!  Lucy is an easy kidder and her kids are usually the friendliest ones each year.  NPGA registered only.  This is not the greatest picture of Lucy but she looks just like Lucky, her dam.  I loved how the picture showed that the family unit stays together.  This is Lucy, Lucky and one of Lucy's kids.  FOR SALE

Grade Pygmy Does

Silver is a sweetheart. She loves children and so do her kids.

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