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NUBIANS: Kidding began with a bang.  Hoyt Farms Blackie and CH TLC-Farms April Showers gave us triplets.  Both had two bucks and 1 doe.  Hoyt Farms Dew Drop and Hoyt Farms Dancer gave us twins - one buck and one doe each.  Sadly, Hoyt Farms Baby X lost her triplets midway through her pregnancy and I decided to give her the year off.  She is 10 and has had triplets every year, I think.  Due soon is Hoyt Farms Orphan Annie 7*M.  And later this month, Hoyt Farms Elegant Rain and Hoyt Farms Frenzy.  Flashy and Galoshes are due in April. 


This handsome boy, one of a set of triplets, should be an awesome junior herdsire.  Although he is nursing, he will take a bottle and I would love to lessen the workload on CH TLC-Farms April Showers and sell him as a bottle baby.  April is a lovely doe with a socked on udder.  She finished her championship by going Best Doe in Show in two rings at the Arkansas Goat Producers' Spring Show a few years ago.  She is holding up well and could easily go showing again!  This kid's sire is TLC-Kai Skribble and we are so excited about the correctness and openness we are seeing in his kids.  Kai's sire is SGCH J&R Spirits HT-K Kaitai +*B.  This kid has the genetics to die for and lots of color, too!   $400 if he goes as a bottle baby. 
Blackie doe

Purebred Nubian doeling, one of a set of quads.  Hoyt Farms Blackie x TLC-Farms Cracker Jack Song *B.  This little girl was born February 1, 2017 and she is an eater!  One quad was born dead but I began offering the others bottles and she took to it like a charm.  Now, another brother has been sold and she gets plenty from her heavily milking dam plus she still wants a bottle!  She also likes to run up walls and jump on my head.  Her barn name is Nuisance!  She is available for $300 and should make an excellent milker when she matures.  And she comes from a line that produces large batches of kids.



Is this boy not stunning!  Another long, level kid sired by TLC-Farms Kai Skribble, he has lovely breed character and such a personality.  His dam, Hoyt Farms Dancer, is a large doe with very correct build and an udder that is so easy to milk.  We hope to get her back in the show ring this year as she hasn't been shown since she was a kid.  This boy is $300 at weaning and we can deliver him to Little Rock the weekend of May 6. 



SAANENS:  We have sold some of our Saanens.  Hoyt Farms Dazzle and Hoyt Farms Easy To Be were sold with single doe kids at side.  Hoyt Farms Exceptional is spoken for after she raises her kids.  Hoyt Farms Eesabella gave us a polled doeling and a disbudded buckling sired by Hoyt Farms Flurry.  The buckling has been spoken for.  I may keep the doeling but I haven't decided yet!  Hoyt Farms Dandy Girl gave us twin does sired by Two-Ceders Frank.  One will be for sale at weaning.  Dandy may also be for sale.  They are pictured below at about 1 week old.  If you are interested, let me know and I will take pictures of the kid you are interested in the most.


Experimentals:   Bluff-Top Trevor's Effie, our son-in-law's Toggenburg, gave us a gorgeous doe and buck sired by Two-Ceders Frank.  These kids look all Saanen and are long, level and wide.  For her size, little Effie puts more milk in the pail than any doe on the place.  The doe kid pictured in front will be for sale at weaning for $250.  The buckling has been spoken for.  

Dandy does
Effie x Frank 217 doe and buck








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