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NUBIAN DOELINGS:  I should have one or two Nubian doe kids available toward the end of October.  Please contact me if you are interested.  Plans are to show them at the AR State Fair and then sell at least one and most likely, two.  These would be younger kids - Rainy X Kai and Frenzy X Kai.   





Is this boy not stunning!  Another long, level purebred Nubian kid sired by TLC-Farms Kai Skribble, he has lovely breed character and such a personality.  His dam, Hoyt Farms Dancer, is a large doe with very correct build and an udder that is so easy to milk.  He is fully weaned, had two CdT shots, been dewormed twice and is eating me out of house and home.  Disbudded, tattooed and comes with ADGA application. 



 This buckling shown below sells without papers.  He is purebred Nubian but the Saanen buck made it into the pen with his dam and he has a sister that is 1/2 Saanen.  His dam is Galoshes, a first freshener with a very nice udder and plenty of milk, and his sire is TLC-Farms Cracker Jack Song *B.  I had planned to wether this boy but someone wanted him without papers.  They never picked him up and I dislike banding big boys in the summer so I am offering him for sale if anyone wants an unregistered buckling.  He was born April 11 and, like all of our weaning age kids, has been disbudded, had coccidia preventative, 2 CdT vaccinations, been dewormed twice and is eating feed very well.   $75 or best offer.  Update:  This kid's sister went to her new home and his dam, Galoshes, is a yearling and is milking just under 3/4 gallon a day while still feeding this boy. She also has quite a lot of cream so should have high butterfat.  I am very pleased for this production from a yearling in hot, hot July. 





SAANENS:  We have one purebred Saanen doe kid left for sale.   Hoyt Farms Dandy Girl  X Two Ceders Frank.  This is the widest kid on the place and is nice and level.  If not sold by Sept. 1st, she will be exhibited at the Arkansas State Fair.  She is a big early Feb kid and plenty large enough to be a yearling milker.  In fact, I would encourage that as she is carrying more weight than needed.



Dandy does

This picture is a bit blurry but this purebred Saanen doeling, one of twins, is from Hoyt Farms Dandy Girl and Two-Ceders Frank.  She is a nice, solid and very level kid.  Shown to the left at 2 months and below at 4 months.  Her full sister will be retained. 









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