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Kai Feb 2016
TLC-Farms Kai Skribble July 2017

         J&R Spirit's LFS 1 Hot Tamale
    Sire:  SGCH +*B J&R Spirit's HT-K Kaitai EX EEE Elite
         SGCH Desert-Willow KE CK Kailia 2*M EX 93 EEE
TLC-Farms KAI Skribble  N1750316
           M's Sagebrush Klassic Rock
     Dam:  4B Klassic Rock Sonata LA 05-05 VVEV 89
           B&M Rhinestone Sautille 
We are happy to welcome this nice new boy to the herd.  He is a level kid with good bone and good breed character and he is pretty quiet, which we love.  He is G6S normal tested through ADGA.  We are so pleased with Kai's kids!  They are very level and open with nice dispositions. 


Hoyt Farms Kai Jester 2017
Jester August 2018
Dancer x Jester 2018 buckling

           SGCH J&R Spirit's HT-K Kaitai +*B

     TLC-Farms Kai Skribble

               4B Klassic Rock Sonata

   HOYT FARMS KAI JESTER  N1888112 2/4/2017

             Kastdemur's Viento +*B

        CH TLC-Farms April Showers

              SGCH TLC-Farms NK Darby 1*M



We don't usually keep bucklings but we decided that this boy just had everything we like.  He will be used on a few does in 2017 and we are excited to see his kids on the ground.  Jester only sired one set of 2017 triplets for us on the farm and they were so nice.  He will be more heavily used in 2018! 



Hoyt Farms Justice *B 2017


            Kastdemur's Viento +*B

      TLC-Farms KV Cracker Jack Song *B

           SGCH TLC-Farms Tawanda's Next Tune 5*M

  HOYT FARMS JUSTICE *B  N1888111  2/27/2017

            O-GO-4-IT Bond James Bond

        Hoyt Farms Orphan Annie 7*M

            Bluff-Top Royal Melody 6*M



We originally kept this boy as we needed company for Jester.  We were going to sell him in the fall but really liked his looks and the milk production in his background.  So, he is bred to a few does for 2018 kids and he may just earn a permanent spot in our herd.  It helps that he loves our granddaughter and she loves him....Pictured below are his 2018 kids from Dew Drop.  We repeated that breeding for 2019 kids!

Dew Drop x Justice 2018 doe kid
Dew Drop x Justice 2018 buck kid


Annie December 2012

Annie - four year old
     CH Longman's H Tami's Style *B
 O-GO-4-IT Bond James Bond
      CH Longman's H Sunny Kisha
HOYT FARMS ORPHAN ANNIE 7*M (N1509160) 1/29/2010
      SG Bluff-Top Dutch Guy AI +*B
 Bluff-Top Royal Melody 6*M
  SGCH Bluff-Top Mangus Corona AI 5*M

Annie is just the barn favorite.  She was shown once as a kid winning first.  Pictured here fat and fuzzy in December 2012. Dam of quads at age 2, Annie has a very soft, easy to milk udder that seems to never quit producing.  In May of 2013 having kidded with twins, Annie milked 14.1#s with 5.6% butterfat earning 31.0 points on one day test.  She is now a 7*M and our heaviest milking Nubian.    G6S normal.   Annie's 2013 daughter x Jack was Reserve Champion Junior Nubian at the AR State Fair.  After taking a couple of years off, Annie kidded for us in 2017 and is confirmed bred for 2018!
April May 2015 BDIS
April 2014 Grand Champion line up
Shown by Vicky Mullins

   GCH Wingwood Farm Romeo's Laredo +*B
 Kastdemur's Viento+ *B
     Kastdemur's Breeze 4*M
CH TLC-FARMS APRIL SHOWERS (N1529325) 4/11/2010
    Kastdemur's Next Key+*B
 SGCH TLC-Farms NK Darby *M
    TLC-Farms Reflect Delight

April was the 2010 Grand Champion Junior Nubian at the AR State Fair over 23 entries.  At age three, April has really put it all together. She may not be the tallest doe in the barn, but she is the most complete doe - wide, level and has a beautiful, correct udder.    G6S normal.  Thank you, TLC Farms, for selling us April and for G6S testing her parents.    2013 update - April was Reserve Champion Senior Nubian in a very competitive Arkansas State Fair!  And 2014 update - April was Grand Champion Senior Nubian and Best Udder at the State Fair.  Thank you, Vicky Mullins, for showing her for us!

UPDATE:  April was 2 X's Grand Champion and 2 X's Best Doe in Show at the Arkansas Goat Producers Quad show in May of 2015.  She is now a finished champion.
Pictured is April's 2017 udder.  It is not clipped well but this doe has the most perfect udder!  The arch is high and rounded and her fore udder is so long and strong.  G6S Normal.   

Blackie in February 2013

Blackie 2014 udder

Blackie's yearling udder

          Udder Providence Levite *B
    Bluff-Top Randy X *B
           SG Bluff-Top Daytona 6*M
HOYT FARMS BLACKIE N1546519 3/1/2011
            O-GO-4-IT Bond James Bond
     Hoyt Farms Baby X
            Hoyt Farms Tara May

Blackie is a solid black doe with lovely breed character. Like most Randy daughters, she has a soft, easy to milk udder. I had never paid much attention to Blackie until 2014.  Each year she kidded with bucks and I just let her raise them and only milked her for a few months.  She certainly raised big healthy bucks but I didn't think she was a strong milker as she seldom had much milk for me and stayed fat on little feed.  Then, in 2014, we ended up with Edna, the bottle calf, after I sold a number of milking does.  I sold Blackie's kids and really began milking her in earnest as Edna needed a lot of milk.  Blackie is a wonderful milker and, although she hasn't yet been on official test, as soon as I added her into the milking string, the amount of cream rose substantially.  I thought she really had no personality as she never would eat treats and just never did do much of anything.  Well, she still doesn't like treats but she loves to simply stand and be scratched.  She is quiet and very pleasant to be around.  She just waits patiently for her turn on the milk stand, coming up only when you call her name.  Most of the goats know their names but are not particularly patient and always want to be first in each day.     G6S normal.

Don't I Dance October 2013
Dancer in 2015

         Kastdemur's Viento *B
    TLC-Farms KV Cracker Jack Song *B
        GCH TLC-Farms Tawanda's Next Tune 5*M
  HOYT FARMS DON'T I DANCE N1626884 (DOB 1-18-2013)
        O-GO-4-IT Bond James Bond
    Hoyt Farms Orphan Annie 7*M
        Bluff-Top Royal Melody 6*M
"Dancer" was Reserve Champion Junior Nubian at the 2013 Arkansas State Fair. She is a lovely kid with a lovely personality.  Dancer freshened with twins and a very nice yearling udder.  Like her dam her udder is so very easy to milk and very capacious for just a yearling.  Dancer is just a sweet heart to be around.  At age 4, Dancer is a very tall, very long bodied and structurally correct doe.  However, we tried showing her in 2017 for the first time since she was a kid, and she was a basket case.  She didn't eat or drink and screamed pretty much the whole time, despite having friends there with her.  Despite making next to no milk, she did win her class in one ring and placed near the top in the others.  We may try to show her again ...or we may not!  In 2018, Dancer weighs around 225#! 

Dew Drop - October 2013
Dew Drop as a yearling milker

         CH Longman's H Tami's Style
    O-GO-4-IT Bond James Bond
         CH Longman's H Sunny Kisha
HOYT FARMS DEW DROP  N1628300  (DOB 1-19-2013)
         Kastdemur's Viento *B
     TLC-Farms April Showers
      SGCH TLC-Farms NK Darby 1*M
Dew Drop is just a darling.  She was third in a large competitive class at the 2013 AR State Fair.  She is our last Bond daughter.  Freshening with twins in 2014, Dew Drop has her dam's lovely udder and has more milk than April did when she first freshened.  She is a sweet heart on the milk stand although she doesn't care for anything to be moved and has to check it all out each day.  Dew Drop was 1st place yearling milker at the 2014 AR State Fair.  And she and April were 1st place dam and daughter.   Pictured below is Dew Drop in 2018 and her 2017 udder.  G6S Normal.   







RAIN 2015
Elegant Rain 2017 udder





















       Bluff-Top Randy X *B

     Hoyt Farms Big Talker *B

          Hoyt Farms Xanadu 7*M 


          Kastdemur's Viento *B

     CH TLC-Farms April Showers

          SGCH TLC-Farms NK Darby 1*M





Rain is pictured above as a yearling milker.   She freshened as a yearling with a lovely udder.  We love this doe and can't wait to see her mature.  She is long and level and has a wonderful personality.  She was the easiest yearling Nubian we have ever trained to the milk stand, never offering to kick and always enjoying being milked. Udder picture is of her 2017 udder.  Although still not tall, she has matured with a nice deep body and looks much like her dam, CH TLC-Farms April Showers.  In 2018, Rainy excelled on the milk stand.  She and her full sister, Galoshes, easily milked over 10#s for much of the year.  I went to once a day milking in mid-summer and they settled in at about 3/4 gallon and were still going strong into the fall when I needed to dry them off so we could leave town for a bit.  I love these does and plan to get them to a one day milk test when possible.




Galoshes October 2017 Thank you, Grace!
Hoyt Farms Galoshes November 2016
Galoshes 1st freshening 2017
Galsohes yearling udder




















HOYT FARMS GALOSHES  N1825491  2/8/2016 

Dam:  CH TLC-Farms April Showers   Sire:  Hoyt Farms Big Talker *B 


Meet Galoshes!  She is a full sister to Elegant Rain, pictured above and she is a sweet heart.  Another big milking, Big Talker daughter,  Galoshes kidded as a yearling with one Nubian kid and one half Saanen kid.  Yep, even though our young Saanen buck broke into the pen, was there for about 1 minute and cornered by the Nubian buck in with Galsohes, he apparently was able to breed her.  Thus we had a Snubian doe and a Nubian buck.  Oh well.  But, the picture shows what a wonderful mother Galoshes is.  And just a yearling, at that.  She would position her leg so that the kids could nurse.  Anyway, we love Galoshes for her disposition, her wonderful, easy to milk udder with so much milk, and her lovely breed character.  Black and white spots are a plus. In 2018, 2 year old Galoshes gave us triplets and more milk than any 2nd freshener we have owned.  Cannot wait to take her to a one day milk test!


Junior Nubians

Hoyt Farms Jumper 2018

    HOYT FARMS JUMPER N1888110  2/27/2017

     Sire:  TLC-Farms Cracker Jack Song *B

     Dam:  Hoyt Farms Orphan Annie 7*M

After not kidding for two years, Annie decided to get back with the program and gave us a buck, Justice, and his sister, Jumper.  Jumper is a full sister to Dancer and looks like she will also take after her in looks and size.  Jumper won her fairly large class at the AR State Fair the only time shown.  She did not take after Dancer in the ring and was a joy to show.  And she didn't jump which is something she simply loves to do!  Pictured here in August of 2018 as a dry yearling.




Jitter Bug 2017
Jitter Bug August 2018


Sire:  TLC-Farms Kai Skribble   Dam:  Hoyt Farms Don't I Dance

 This red roan girl is big!  She will be our first Kai daughter to freshen and we are excited to see how her udder looks. 






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