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    CH 4-Ever-R's Smooth Moves
  Land-of-Narnia Milky Way
    Triple-Springs Nutmegs Pickles
GCH O-GO-4-IT Chochalatepie E1183724 50% Nubian, 25% LaMancha, 13% Togg (1-19-01)
    Doeling-Farm's Powderkeg
  Timber-Oak Powder Puff
    Timber-Oak BB Belle
Lottie has a lot of "firsts" at our place - first Grand Champion ribbon win for my daughter, 1st permanent champion, first milk star earner... She is just an awesome lady who could still hold her own in the show ring but gets to stay home now.  She is pictured as a two year old and there is a lot more to her now - weighing in at 195#'s in 2009.  Tested G6S Normal.

Here is Lottie at age 10 - unposed and certainly unclipped.  She still has the most gorgeous udder that has not dropped over the years.  She still stands on strong legs and has good feet. 
At age 12, I decided to dry Lottie off early and give her a rest, after we sold her twin does.  Lottie had other ideas and "stole" two doelings from her daughter.  And, after they moved to new homes, she picked up a late summer kid and partially raised her.  So in her year of rest, she raised five kids! 
And at age 13, Lottie is still going strong and milking just under a gallon a day.  If any kid is left alone and cries, Lottie will find it and bring it out to the rest of the herd.  Her mothering instincts are unbelievable.  
Lottie passed away in 2018.  She is so missed.

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Lottie as a two year old

Lottie in 2011

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