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Moonshine in 2013
Looking for a lady!
Moonshine in 2008


       SS: +*B Two-Ceders Timothy
  SIRE: *B Two-Ceders Vance
     SD: Two-Ceders Rena II 3*M
JLT RANCH MOONSHINE S1402993 (3-21-07)
     DS: +*B Lake-Country Romantic Soverain
  DAM: GCH Two-Ceders Taylor 7*M
     DD: Two-Ceders Dream Kat 6*M

Thanks to JLT Ranch for selling us this great Purebred buck. He is long and tall with a great set of legs and feet. His kids have been winning in the show ring and we are liking the udders on his daughters.  Although Moonshine yearling daughters are often gawky and appear to be all legs, when they mature they are well worth waiting for.  In October of 2015, Moonshine moved to a new home where he is hopefully going to be collected for use in the future.


Zeus in May 2013

Zues talking to a doe in 2013

        SS: GCH Lake Country Sno Composition ++*B 89VEE
   Sire: SGCH Lake-Country Composit Scenerio ++*B 89VEE
      SD: SGCH Elements S Sophie's Suzannah 4*M
*B TIVIO FARM ZEUS AI AS1498891 (4-28-2009)
      DS: Windsor-Manor Franklin
   Dam: GCH Tivio Farm WMF Kissy 2*M 88VEEV
      DD: Two-Ceders Tasha *M

We were very lucky to get this great guy - thank you, Tivio Farm for consigning him to the AGPA 2009 Quad Show auction!  His dam is a lovely doe who shows and milks.  He is long, level and wide with a gorgeous head and has passed these traits on to his kids.  We were also very excited to get this information from ADGA:  "Congratulations! We are pleased to inform you that a buck you own has qualified for the ADGA Sire Development Program (ADGA-SDP). According to performance records, he has a calculated Estimated Transmitting Ability (ETA) of 28 for Production over Type (2:1) and 18 for Type over Production (1:2)."   
Since we have shifted more toward purebred Saanens, Zeus moved to a new home in October of 2015.

Two-Ceders D-W Patterson S1186058 (2-19-01)
Pat has greatly improved the structure and the mammary system on his kids.

*B Cerulean Sampson S1304438 (3-21-03)
Sam is a very long, tall and sharp buck. 2008 picture

Chancellor in December 2014


    SS: +*B Two-Ceders Kalif
 Sire: *B Winning-Ways Dream-Weaver
    SD: GCH Chambric Dan Snogal 8*M
*B Two-Ceders D-W Patterson S1186058
    DS:+*B GCH Lake-Country Opus 
 Dam:Lake-Country Snofest Liza 4*M
    DD:GCH Lake Country Sno Lucretia 3*M
Pat was our first Saanan buck and he greatly improved our first Recorded Grade does.  All of our American line goes back to Pat and as do many of our purebreds.   He produced lovely udders and stamped his kids with beautiful heads.  He was a gentle buck and has passed this on to his offspring.  Sadly, we lost Pat in 2008 so his 2009 kids will be the last from him but he will live on in his daughters.

       SS:++*B Clovertop's Ampherage
 SIRE:+*B Singing-Spruce Power of Love
       SD:GCH Singing-Sun Paragon 5*M
*B Cerulean Sampson S1304438 (3-21-03)
       DS:+*B Patteran Phil Bright Flight
  DAM:Cerulean Phlox 1*M
       DD:Cerulean Phaedra
Sam was a very tall buck and we wanted some added height in the herd.  We have a number of his daughters in the Saanen herd and they are all tall girls.  All are excellent milkers.  Although only one, Willey, has been taken to an official milk test where she easily earned her star, we plan to take others as time allows.  Since we had a number of his offspring, Sam moved to a new home. 

      SS:Willow-Brook Designer R Lauren ++*B
   SIRE: Patteran WBRL My Yeoman (LA 04-01 89 VEE)
      SD: CH Patteran Philosopher My Exotic (LA 10-11 91 VEEE)
Patteran Yeoman My Chancellor S1606521 3-23-12
       DS:Patteran RRRG Zytico
   DAM:  Patteran Zytico Annee (LA 02-01 90 VEEE)
       DD: Tradewinds Lucky's Annalee

Thank you, Patteran, for selling us this great, young purebred!  His first kids are on the ground and we couldn't be more pleased with them.  2013 update - Chancellor daughters were Grand and Reserve Junior Saanens at the 2013 AR State Fair!  Dandy Girl was 1st place yearling milker at the 2014 AR State Fair.  And Easy to Be was Grand Champion Junior Saanen.

Exceptional 3 year old udder
Exceptional as a yearling

















         Patteran WBRL My Yeoman
    Patteran Yeoman My Chancellor
        Pattran Zytico Anee 
Hoyt Farms Exceptional  S1700952  2-20-2014 
        JLT Ranch Moonshine
    Hoyt Farms Astoria
        Hoyt Farms Kizzy 1*M
Exceptional is just that.  She was a gorgeous kid, very tall and very open.  Although she placed 3rd the only time shown as a kid, she was at a gawky point, typical of some of our really tall kids.  I think she will be gorgeous when she gets it all together.  As a yearling milker, Exceptional was Grand Champion in all four rings of a quad show.  We wish she had had more competition as she is a super nice doe.  As a three year old, Exceptional is a large girl with so much milk.  Once again, she went Grand in all 4 rings in which she was shown.  Once again, there were not enough Saanens to sanction these wins so Exceptional moved to a new home. Hopefully, she can become a Champion for her new owner in Texas!  We did keep her 2017 doe kid, Exceptional Joy, who earned her dry leg in May of 2017. 



Bluff-Top Royal Melody N1265686 (3-04-03)

  SS: ++*B SGCH Price-O-The-Field Dutch Man
 Sire: +*B SG Bluff-Top Dutch Guy
  SD: SG Bluff-Top Ms. Sidney Dot 4*M
        N1265686    (3-04-03)
  DS: ++B SGCH Rio Pirata's Magnus Colorados
 Dam: SGCH Bluff-Top Mangus Corona 5*M
  DD:  SG Bluff-Top AI Comet 4*M
 Melody milked 12.8#s on one day milk test as a second freshener.  She milked just a bit under 2 gallons in 2007 after raising quads.  She is a very dairy, deep-bodied doe with a soft, easy to milk udder.   She pays the feed bills for us as she will milk a long lactation without dropping much in production.  In January 2009, Mellie weights 195#s. Tested G6S NORMAL.Sadly, we lost Mellie to milk fever in 2010.  Most of our Nubian does trace back to this awesome lady and she will be so missed!


   CH Longman's H Tami's Style *B
   O-GO-4-IT Bond James Bond
      CH Longman's H Sunny Kisha
HOYT FARMS XANADU 7*M (N1422394) 2007
       SG Bluff-Top Dutch Guy AI +*B   
   Bluff-Top Royal Melody 6*M
      SGCH Bluff-Top Mangus Corona AI 5*M 
 Another lovely spotted doe, Xanadu was Reserve Champion Junior Nubian doe, 2007 Arkansas State Fair and part of 1st place groups Best Three Junior does and Get of Sire!!  Xan is another high producing Melody daughter with a soft, easy to milk udder. She milked 13.4#s with 3.3% butter fat to earn her milk star.   As always, she was a dream to milk for test as not much bothers Xan.   G6S NORMAL.

Hoyt Farms Baby X
pictured October 2010

Baby X - 2011

     CH Longman's H Tami's Style *B    
     CH Longman's H Sunny Kisha
HOYT FARMS BABY X (N1401555) - 2007 
       Bluff-Top Rudy
 Hoyt Farms Tara May
       Bluff-Top Royal Melody 6*M

Baby was Grand Champion Junior Nubian Doe at the 2007 AR State Fair!  She was part of our 1st place Nubian Get-of-Sire and 1st Place Best Three Junior Nubian Does entries.  She was Reserve Champion Sr. Nubian doe in 2010 and part of 1st place Senior Get of Sire entry. G6S NORMAL
Baby was one of triplet does, one spotted, one with a striped belly band and plain old Baby.  With the kids listed for sale, her colorful sisters were snapped up and poor Baby was all alone as her dam did not sleep with her kids.  Then, after about a month,  someone wanted her dam and Baby became my baby.  Year after year, Baby produced spotted kids no matter what color the sire was and we wondered where they came from.  When she was four or five, we were clipping her for a show and discovered she has a large white spot in the very middle of her belly.  How we missed it when we clipped her before that, I will never know.  We never went back and put it on her papers but the spotted kid mystery was solved.  Baby normally has triplets and did so once again in 2014 on the coldest night of the year - about 8 degrees.  Usually, Baby likes me to watch the whole process but pretty much leave her to it.  That night, she seemed glad to let me dry those kids and to help them find the teats.  She would move her legs back and forth while I held the kid up until each one had gotten a full tummy.   I had managed to tear my knee up and after being down in the hay for a long time, I couldn't get up.  I grabbed Baby around the neck and hauled myself up using her for a crutch.  She was pretty unconcerned about it all and drank a big bucket of hot water.  In the morning, she had those babies all tucked up next to her and was resting her head on them.  I don't have to worry about Baby's kids!



Big Talker December 2012

       Udder Providence Levite *B
    Bluff-Top Randy X *B
        SG Bluff-Top B Daytona
Hoyt Farms Big Talker *B  N1567783 (2-28-11)
        O-GO-4-IT Bond James Bond
    Hoyt Farms Xanadu
        Bluff-Top Royal Melody 6*M

BT is brown with lighter spots all over and frosted ears.  He has long ears and a good stong nose.  He is a heavier type Nubian that produced some colorful kids!  Although he was a noisy kid, he is a nice and quiet gentleman to be around now that he is a bit older.  He has made a big buck weighing in at about 275 pounds, very solid with excellent legs and feet.  His dam, Xanadu, was a lovely spotted doe with a wonderful personality and great production.  She, and his sire, Bluff-Top Randy, can be seen on our Reference page.   
G6S normal.  BT moved to the Bluff-Top herd.  He just didn't have many does to breed here.  We will surely miss this big, colorful guy.



April 2011

   +B Little-Bic's Sheena's Hero
 *B CH Longman's H Tami's Style
   GCH Longman's R Trudy's Tami 12*M
    +B Little Bic's Sheena's Hero
 CH Longman's H Sunny Kisha
     Longman's R Sunny Delight

Bond has added length and size to our herd, along with his laid back attitude.  Bond daughters were Grand and Reserve Junior Nubians at the 2007 Arkansas State Fair.  His get were 1st place Get-Of-Sire and Best Three Junior Nubian Does!  TESTED G6S NORMAL   Bond's daughter, Waltz, was Grand Champion Senior Doe, BOB and Best Udder at the 2009 Arkansas State Fair.  Another daughter, Baby X was Reserve Champion Senior doe in 2010 and 2011.   Two Bond daughters have been taken to one day milk tests milking 14.1#s and 13.4#s, easily earning their milk stars.    Bond's daughters can show and milk!  SADLY, WE LOST BOND IN 2013.  HE WILL BE SO MISSED.

Bluff-Top Randy X *B N1401556
January 2010 picture

          Copper-Hill Breakaway's Banner +*B
      Udder-Providence Levite *B
             B.E.S.T. Smooth Lidia  11*M
BLUFF-TOP RANDY X *B  N1401556 (1-18-07)
             SG Bluff-Top Bo Cephus +*B
      SG Bluff-Top B Daytona  6*M
          SG Bluff-Top Malibu Stacy AI 5*M
We were so pleased with Bluff-Top Rudy that when we started looking for a new buck to use on our Bond daughters, we went right back to Debby and Randy Taylor at Bluff Top in Dover, AR.  Randy is  black with silver spots and has the longest ears.   TESTED G6S NORMAL - January 2009.  Randy has been sold but we have a number of his daughters.  He has certainly given us some interesting colors along with girls who milk.


Cracker Jack December 2014 in rut!

      GCH Wingwood Farm Romeo's Laredo +*B (LA 04-03 92 EEE)
  Sire: Kastdemur's Viento *B (LA 01-00 82+V+)
          Kastdemur's Breeze 4*M (LA 03-04 92 EEE)
TLC-Farms KV Cracker Jack Song *B N1606520 (2/22/12)
        Kastdemur's Next Key +*B (LA 06-06 91 EEE)
Dam: GCH TLC-Farms Tawanda's Next Tune 5*M (LA 04-06 90 VEE)
        Heritage Oaks Theron's Tawanda 4*M (LA 09-06 VEEE 90)

Cracker Jack is pretty boy.  He is very open throughout with flat bones and very fine skin.  Thank you, TLC Farms, for selling us this nice boy and for G6S testing his parents. 
He is G6S normal! 
2013 update - Jack's oldest daughter, Don't I Dance, was Reserve Junior Champion at a very competitive Nubian show at the 2013 Arkansas State Fair.   Cracker Jack has moved to a new home. _____________________________________________________________________________________

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