NUBIANS                         DUE                         

Lovey, Lovey x Knock Out      January 27, 2021
Don't I Dance x Knock Out      January 28, 2021
Dew Drop x Knock Out           January 28, 2021
Just Kute x Knock Out            January 28, 2021
Jitter Bug x Knock Out           January 29, 2021
Elegant Rain x Knock Out        February 3, 2021
Lucretia x Master                    March 19, 2021
Blondie x Master                     March 19, 2021

Dandy Girl x Dorian                 January 28, 2021
Jezebella x Dorian                   February 3, 2021
Joy x Flurry                             February 19, 2021
Liberty x Flurry                        February 19, 2021
Layla x Dorian                          February 24, 2021
Knowitall x Dorian                    February 24, 2021

Our kid prices start at $350.  We do have a waiting list and I contact people in the order they have contacted me.  At that time, I request a $50 deposit to hold a kid.  The deposit is returned if for any reason, the kid is not available for pick up.  I retain the deposit if the buyer decides not to pick up the kid.

None of these kids are for sale and we are quite partial to the tallest one!  But, I will try to post pictures of new kids here when they start hitting the ground